Monster Type: Humanoid
Awareness: 1
Horror Rating: -1

Zombie is a type of monster found in the Mansions of Madness base game.


Zombie AEdit

Damage Value: 2

Health Value: 7

The zombie groans and turns towards you. Test Dexterity +1.

Pass: You turn and run like hell. You may move once.

Fail: He violently grabs your arm and takes a giant bite out of it. Take 3 damage.

Zombie BEdit

Damage Value: 2

Health Value: 6

The zombie lunges at your face. Test Dexterity.

Pass: You barely avoid his decaying grasp. No effect.

Fail: He grabs onto you and starts violently gnawing at your face. Take 3 damage.

Zombie CEdit

Damage Value: 1

Health Value: 5

His arms close around you like a vise. Test Strength.

Pass: During the struggle you rip off one of its arms. Deal 2 damage.

Fail: He begins to suffocate you. Take 2 damage and you are stunned.

Zombie DEdit

Damage Value: 2

Health Value: 7

The zombie shambles towards you. Test Dexterity +1.

Pass: He grabs your leg. You are stunned.

Fail: You back away, but slip and crash to the floor. Take 1 damage, 1 horror, and you are stunned.

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