Investigators are consisting of a team of one up to four players. They usually need to explore mansions to gather enough clues to unlock their winning condition and defeat the Keeper with their gained knowledge. Certain Scenarios have different mechanics, but the investigators mostly need to work as a group and solve the mystery of the current scenario.

Each investigator may choose 2 of 4 different trait cards at game start. These trait cards determine the investigator´s statistics, as well as providing a starting item (or spell) and a special ability.

List of investigatorsEdit

Investigator Health Sanity Skill Points Expansion Trait 1

Intellect Willpower Lore Luck

Once per game

Trait 2

Intellect Willpower Lore Luck

Once per game

Trait 3

Strength Marksmanship Dexterity

Starting Item

Trait 4

Strength Marksmanship Dexterity

Starting Item

AmandaSharpeAmanda Sharpe 10 11 5 Call of the Wild Manic Focus

6 5 5 3

Action: Take up to 4 horror. For each horror taken this way, gain 1 skill point

Young Determination

5 6 5 3

Action: Once per game, heal any combination of your damage and horror equal to your current number of skill points

Untapped Knowledge

3 3 6

Overdue Library Book

Before another investigator in your room performs a non-luck attribute test, you may spend 1 skill point to add your luck to his skill

Reminder from Home

4 3 5

Care Package

Action: Spend 1 skill point to choose a monster in your room. Either deal the monster 2 damage or move the monster 1 space

AshcanPete"Ashcan" Pete 11 9 4 Mansions of Madness False Trail

3 7 3 3

Before making an evade test, you may use this ability to gain +4 to all evade tests this turn


4 6 2 4

Discard any number of equipment, tome, artifact, and weapon cards. Gain 1 skill point for each card discarded this way

Dog's Best Friend

5 6 5


+2 to Dexterity and Strength tests during combat

Action: Once per round, give Duke and 1 Exploration card to an investigator within 2 spaces

Struggling Musician

6 6 7


Blunt melee weapon 3

Action: Move 1 monster 1 space towards you or discard this card to attack a monster in your space

BobJenkins-0Bob Jenkins 11 9 4 Call of the Wild Hidden Stock

4 7 1 3

When an investigator discard a Tome or Equipement card, you may instead return that card to that investigator's play area.

Underhanded Move

5 6 2 2

When an unnamed humanoid monster is stunned in your room, you may discard the monster from play.

Seven Days a Week

6 4 4


Blunt Melee Weapon 1

Action: Attack a monster in your space. After this attack deals damage to a humanoid monster, stun the monster (unless it is already stunned)

Coping Mechanism

6 5 5

Bottle of Jack

At the start of your turn, you may receive a stun token to heal 1 horror

CarolynFernCarolyn Fern 8 12 4 Forbidden Alchemy Hypnosis

6 6 5 3

Action: You may take any number of horror (without exceeding your Sanity). For each horror you take, choose an investigator in your room to heal 4 horror.


7 7 4 2

Cancel an ability or the effect of a card that allows the keeper to move, attack with, or take an action with another investigator in your room.

Dangerous Work

3 5 4

Walther Model 9

Ranged Weapon 2

Action: Attack a monster within 2 range. You may then attack the same monster a second time with a -1 to the attribute test

Treatment for Madness

4 5 4

Studies on Hysteria

Action: Discard a mental Trauma from an investigator in your space.

DarrellSimmonsDarrell Simmons 12 8 3 Forbidden Alchemy Keen Eye

5 6 7 2

Action: When a monster enters your room (or you enter a monster's room), you may look at the bottom of the monster's token


4 5 5 3

You may gain 1 skill point for each clue card that has been found

Caught on Film

4 6 5


When a monster is killed in your room, you may place the figure on this card (limit 1 figure on this card). Investigators gain +2 on attributs when makings tests during combat against this monster type

Keep Your Eyes on Me

4 5 6

Flash Powder

Action: Stun a monster in your space. Then test Luck +1

Fail: Discard this card and you are stunned

DexterDrakeDexter Drake 10 10 2 Forbidden Alchemy Disappearing Act

5 5 6 4

While you are hiding, you may spend both of your Movement Steps to move to any space in any room that contains no Exploration, Lock, or Obstacle cards

Master of Illusion

5 5 7 3

Action: Once per game, you may move each monster that is in your line of sight 1 space


4 4 6

Sword Cane

Sharp and Blunt Melee Weapon 2

When attacking with this weapon, all Strength tests are considered Dexterity tests instead


5 4 5

Mists of Releh spell

GloriaGoldbergGloria Goldberg 6 14 4 Mansions of Madness Powerful Visions

5 6 7 4

Action: Once per game, look at the keeper's hand of Mythos and Trauma cards and choose up to 2 of them to discard

Psychic Sensitivity

6 6 6 3

Action: Once per game, look at all Exploration cards in the room of your choice (you must then return them in the same order)


3 3 3

Bind Monster spell

Renowned Author

4 4 4


Action: Another investigator in your room gains 1 skill point or test your strength

Pass: Deal 2 damage to a monster in your space

HarveyWaltersHarvey Walters 6 14 4 Mansions of Madness Revealing Translation

6 5 8 4

When you receive a Spell card, you may draw 2 cards and read the backs of both. Choose 1 to keep and discard the other

Professor's Instincts

7 6 7 3

When attempting a Rune Puzzle, you may automatically solve it and then gain 2 skill points

Artifact Collector

4 4 3

Warding Statue

When defending in combat you cannot be stunned or dealt more then 1 damage from a single attack

Student of the Arcane

3 3 2

Shriveling spell

JennyBarnesJenny Barnes 10 10 2 Mansions of Madness Unwavering Determination

4 7 4 2

Once per game, when making a horror test, you may automatically pass and then move up to 2 spaces

It's Personal

4 6 3 3

Action: Once per game, you may move up to 2 spaces. You may then attack a monster in your space, gaining +2 to all checks in the combat

Noble Motives

5 6 7

Isabelle's Letter

Action: If you have 0 skill points, gain 2 skill points and heal 1 horror

Armed and Fabulous

4 6 6

.45 Automatics

Ranged Weapon 3

Action: Attack a monster within 2 range. If the monster is within 1 range, gain +2 Marksmanship

JoeDiamondJoe Diamond 12 8 3 Mansions of Madness Lucky Break

6 5 3 3

Action: Choose a monster in your space and test your luck

Pass: Kill the monster

On the Case

5 7 1 2

Action: When you reveal a clue card while exploring, gain 3 skill points

License to Kill

5 6 5

.45 Automatics

Ranged Weapon 3

Action: Attack a monster within 2 range. If the monster is within 1 range, gain +2 Marksmanship

Private Eye

6 6 6

Magnifying Glass

Once per turn, immediately after you spend an action to explore a room, you may take 1 additional action

KateWinthropKate Winthrop 9 11 4 Mansions of Madness Trial and Error

7 5 5 3

Before attempting a puzzle, you may discard any number of puzzle pieces and replace them with random unused puzzle pieces from the pile

Test Theories

6 6 6 2

Action: You may test your Luck. Add +2 for each revealed clue card

Pass: You may read the Objective card


4 5 5

Flux Stabilizer

Whenever a monster is placed (not moved) into your room, the keeper must instead place the monster in an adjacent room (if able)


4 6 4


Action: Gain 1 skill point

MandyThompsonMandy Thompson 10 10 3 Call of the Wild Passing Familiarity

6 5 7 2

When attempt a skill check on a Tome Exploration card, you automatically succeed and then gain 2 skill points

Only the Facts

6 5 6 3

Before an investigator in your room performs a test, he tests your Lore instead of the indicated attribute of his investigator.


5 4 5

Research Notes

Gain +1 Lore. If a combat card instructs a monster in your room to perform a special attack, discard the card and draw replacement

Unusual Knowledge

4 4 6

Voice of Ra spell

MichaelMcGlenMichael McGlen 14 6 3 Mansions of Madness Not a Scratch

2 8 1 4

Before rolling for a test during combat, use this ability to automatically pass the check unless you roll a 10

Find Weakness

3 7 1 2

Before you attack a monster on your turn, gain 2 skill points


6 7 2

Tommy Gun

Ranged Weapon 3

Action: Attack a monster within 2 range. If you deal damage, you may make another attack with this weapon (limit once per turn)


8 7 4


Weapon 1-10

Action: Discard this card to choose a space within 2 range. Roll a die and deal that much damage to each monster in the chosen space

MontereyJackMonterey Jack 13 7 3 Call of the Wild Against All Odds

4 6 5 2

You may reroll a die you just rolled. You may not reroll a die that has already been rerolled

Thirsty for Discovery

5 6 4 2

After a non-Key non-Story Item Exploration card is revealed by an investigator exloring any room, you may immediately take that card

Obsessed Explorer

6 5 4

Legendary Map

Once per turn, you may look at the top card seeded in your room. Then replace the card facedown

Backup Plan

5 6 4

Trusty Revolver

Ranged Weapon 3

Action: Attack a monster within 2 range. If this attack kills a Beast or Eldrich monster, you may heal 1 horror

SisterMarySister Mary 8 12 3 Mansions of Madness Holy Warding

3 7 5 4

Action: Choose a monster in your room. You may move it up to 3 spaces

Solace in Prayer

4 6 4 5

Action: Roll a die and heal half that much horror (rounded up) from your investigator

Hand of the Father

2 2 6

Holy Water

Action: Choose a monster within 1 range and test your Luck +1

Pass: Deal 1 damage and stun the monster

Servant of God

3 2 5

Holy Rosary

The keeper must spend 1 additional threat to play a Mythos or Trauma card on you

VincentLeeVincent Lee 10 10 4 Forbidden Alchemy Field Medic

7 3 4 3

Action: When an investigator is dealt damage in your room, test your intellect

Pass: Reduce the damage taken to 0.


6 4 5 2

When a monster is killed in your room, gain 3 skill points and give them to any investigators in your room.


5 4 5

Bone Saw

Sharp Melee Weapon 2

If you deal damage to a stunned target, deal additional 2 damage

Beneath the Skin

5 4 6

Grey's Anatomy

Action: Test Intellect

Pass: An investigator in your space may heal 2 damage