House of fears

House of Fears

An influential film director is holding a screening of his latest production in the abandoned estate Whale Manor, and you’ve been asked to attend! There’s just one catch: Whale Manor is haunted by the spirits of dead actors, all of whom are cursed to relive the drama of their films again and again.

House of Fears is a Print on Demand story expansion for Mansions of Madness! This cinematic adventure by acclaimed novelist Tracy Hickman thrusts players into a living 1920’s movie. But can they escape the horror before the film’s tragic ending?

Component ListEdit

  • Three double-sided reference sheets
  • Thirty-eight Exploration Cards
  • Six Lock Cards and four Obstacle Cards
  • Five Event Cards
  • Three Objective Cards
  • Two Keeper Action Cards


There is one Scenario in this POD Expansion: