Crawling One
Monster Type: Eldritch
Awareness: -1
Horror Rating: -3

Crawling One is a type of monster found in the Forbidden Alchemy expansion.


Crawling One AEdit

Damage Value: 3

Health Value: 6

The creature sprays you with a swarm of slimy little worms. Test Dexterity -1.

Pass: You shake the critters off in a blind panic. Take 1 horror.

Fail: One of the worms crawls into your mouth! Draw a side effect and take 1 damage.

Crawling One BEdit

Damage Value: 2

Health Value: 8

The writhing mass of shambling flesh embraces you. Test Strength -1.

Fail: Something pierces your flesh. Is it drinking your blood? The monster damages you and heals 2 damage.

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