This token represents a motor boat, which investigators can use to cross rivers, streams, lakes and swamps.

In order to use this token, the investigator must have the “Boat Keys” Exploration card. An investigator with this card may use a boat marker in his space to move to an adjacent space that shares an impassible border. The boat feature marker is moved into the new space along with the investigator.

Spaces on either side of the “Covered Bridge” room are adjacent for the purposes of boat movement and flying monsters.

If an effect allows an investigator to move, such as performing a “Run” action or using the “Levitate” spell, he may use a boat in his space as long as he has the “Boat Keys.”

Each time an investigator moves using a boat, other investigators in the boat’s space may move with him. The player moving with the boat may forbid other players from moving with him. An investigator that moves along with the active player may stop moving with the boat at any point during the movement.

A figure using a boat is subject to evade and horror tests as normal, even if the player is moving with other investigators.

If an investigator that has the “Boat Keys” is moved by the keeper, the keeper may move the investigator using a boat feature marker, but the keeper cannot move other investigators as part of that movement.

Important: The boat must always be in a single space with an impassible border.

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